A more intuitive and user friendly Dashboard!

As a clinician co-founded company, we always strive to deliver the best user experience to our clinician users as they engage with our product. This laser focus on the product user experience has helped us differentiate our product from other tools in the industry. To that end, after incorporating feedback from many user research interviews and iterating through several dashboard prototypes, Mocingbird is very excited to launch the new Clinician Dashboard with a more intuitive user interface on both the web and mobile platforms! 

As busy individuals, clinicians voiced the importance of making the CME requirements tracking seamless and easy to understand at a glance. The new dashboard has a quick overview of any tasks that are Past Due, Due in 30 days, and Due in 60 days and in some cases even Due to 90 days (if there are no tasks in the more urgent categories). 

Web view of the dashboard:

A user can easily drill down into each of requirements deadline categories in the overview and get more details of the requirements including due date.

Similarly, users can scroll down to any board certification, state license or other registration, to track progress against Continuing Education requirements with a simple click and refer to an older recertification cycle for a license where relevant.

Each Credential has a color coded Status: On track, At risk, Off track that quickly signals to the user which credential needs immediate attention.

Finally, when a user completes the necessary requirements, they may Attest as complete or upload evidence through the platform. 

Mobile view of the new dashboard (iOS / Android)