Ongoing medical education shouldn't be a balancing act.

A cloud-based platform that simplifies ongoing licensing and continuing education requirements.

Leading healthcare organizations trust Mocingbird.

Why Mocingbird

Two steps to manage ongoing education.

  1. Upload your licenses and CME/CEU.
  2. Learn.

Leave everything else to us.


Be in control

Automate license requirement tracking, so you will know what CME/CEU is due by when.


One centralized location

Industry-leading security to digitally store all your license documentations - downloadable anywhere, anytime.


Shortcut to CME completion

Robust Learning Center with high quality and curated CME/CEU to maximize all credits earned.

Mocingbird for organizations

Re-imagine healthcare and patient care.

Reduce risk from lack of transparency within license renewal management. Increase employee productivity and engagement with efficient and impactful education. Expand patient care by equipping healthcare professionals with more tools.


Credential Dashboard

We make managing your CME easy.

Board and State license maintenance requirements are hard to find, read, and digest. We get it.

Our research team collects and validates the latest requirements across all states and specialities. We go through each requirement, breaking them down into simpler tasks with clear due dates - so you will be in control of knowing exactly what is due by when.

File Cabinet

Cloud storage created just for you.

Our cloud-based platform allows you to store and sync all of your ongoing licensure information and related documentation in the cloud. No more juggling between paper filing and spreadsheets. One platform - it's as easy as that. 

Mocingbird’s robust integration capability allows us to integrate with existing medical systems. Interested? Check out our enterprise solution.


Learning Center

CME/CEU should only be about learning.

Our ‘Learning Center’ offers a curated selection of high quality CME from accredited providers. We will help you maximize all CME/CEU credits, and count them towards all applicable requirements. We also recommend the best CME/CEU to help you gain the most relevant and newest knowledge for your field. 

What we do

We prioritize clinician wellness, education and patient care.

Innovation in healthcare is not just changing one piece of the puzzle, but about prioritizing differently. To deliver the best patient care, clinicians need to be supported with the right tool and the right education at the right time.


SEcurity Compliance

A SOC 2 Type 2 certified service and platform.

A modern platform requires modern security standards and controls. Our SOC 2 certification demonstrates that safeguarding customer data and privacy is one of our highest priorities.

Why we do it

Because we care.

Let Mocingbird take the guesswork out of CME tracking, today.

Have questions?
We’ve got answers.


Which healthcare professionals do you support?

We currently support MD, DO, PA, NP and RN professionals.

What type of licenses does Mocingbird support?

We support both state licenses and board certifications. All you have to do is upload your license information and completed CMEs, we will calculate and track your progress and notify you when things are due. In addition to state and board licenses, we also help track other professional licenses, including DEA, ACLS, ATLS, BLS, and more. These trackers can be added to your customized dashboard as well.

How much does Mocingbird cost?

For individuals or organizations, we offer a competitive price that is the right fit for you.

For current medical students and residents, there is no cost to you. Send a note to with proof of your current student status, and we will waive your subscription fee.

Can I sign my organization up for Mocingbird?

Yes, we can help! Book a time to chat with our team here or visit our enterprise page for more information.

Where can I report incidents?

Report incidents to

Is our data backed up? Are there disaster recovery tools in place?

All data you store in Mocingbird is fully backed up with tested and certified disaster recovery processes in place. The backup of data and disaster recovery is handled by Mocingbird and our infrastructure services.

How do you ensure that your service is reliable?

We apply best practices in design and operations, such as redundancy, resiliency, distributed services, and monitoring—to name a few.

Will you inform us when things change in the service, and will you let us know if our data is compromised?

We do inform you, via email, if there are any important changes to the service with respect to security, privacy, and compliance. We also promptly notify you via email if your data has been accessed improperly.

Is our data encrypted?

Yes - we use Amazon S3 and Heroku. Sensitive customer data is encrypted at rest and when traversing over public networks.

Is a copy of Mocingbird's SOC 2 Type 2 compliance report available?

Yes! Simply email to request our latest SOC 2 Type 2 report.

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