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Leading Innovation as Mocingbird’s COO: Interview with Sarah Bishop

In this interview with Providence Business News, Sarah Bishop shares her journey ascending from Senior Director of Operations to Chief Operating Officer at Mocingbird. With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency and fostering collaboration, Bishop’s expertise in medical credentialing and leadership underscores Mocingbird’s commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare operations.

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Efficient Cross-State Licensing: An Interview with Dr. Ian Madom on the Enhanced Physician Portal

In an interview with Providence Business News, Dr. Ian Madom, CEO of Mocingbird, discusses the development of the Enhanced Physician Portal for the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission. This portal aims to streamline multistate licensing for over 16,000 physicians, improving healthcare access nationwide. Dr. Madom highlights Mocingbird’s expertise in simplifying certification compliance and enhancing patient care in underserved areas.

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