Sarah Bishop recently sat down for an interview with Providence Business News, giving insights into her new role as Mocingbird's Chief Operating Officer. With her background in medical credentialing and executive leadership, Bishop's journey from Senior Director of Operations to VP of Operations and now COO illuminates Mocingbird's commitment to innovation and excellence. Read the full interview below.

PBN: What drew you to start a career in medical licensing and credentialing?

BISHOP: My passion for health care and my desire to support those who care for patients drew me to a career in medical licensing and credentialing. I have always been fascinated by the critical role that credentialing plays in maintaining high standards of health care. Ensuring that clinicians are properly licensed and qualified is essential for patient safety and quality care.

Joining Mocingbird allowed me to contribute to a mission that simplifies and enhances these vital processes, leveraging technology to make a significant impact on the health care ecosystem.

PBN: What challenges did you face when you built the company’s licensing team?

BISHOP: Building Mocingbird’s licensing team came with the challenge of finding individuals who not only had the required technical expertise but also shared a deep passion for improving health care processes.

With the specialized nature of medical licensing and ongoing education compliance – Mocingbird’s bread and butter – it was essential to recruit team members who understood the complexities of the field and were driven by a genuine desire to innovate and enhance efficiency.

Another key challenge was ensuring that new hires could seamlessly integrate into Mocingbird’s vibrant and collaborative culture, which is essential to our success.

PBN: How were you able to overcome those challenges?

BISHOP: I leveraged my extensive network and years of experience in the credentialing and licensing fields. I attracted professionals with an average of 15 years of experience in health care, each with a proven track record at top health care organizations. This wealth of knowledge and experience was critical in building a strong and capable team.

We also focused on attracting candidates who were not only experts in their field but also shared our passion for innovation and improving health care processes.

Maintaining our great company culture was and is paramount. We fostered a collaborative environment to ensure new team members aligned with Mocingbird’s values and mission from day one. This approach has enabled us to build a cohesive team that is both highly skilled and deeply committed to our goals.

PBN: What trends have you noticed in the medical licensing and credentialing industry?

BISHOP: The shift from manual tracking of licensure requirements and deadlines to automated solutions. Prior to Mocingbird’s existence, managing compliance manually was feasible but burdensome for one license. But with the rise of telehealth, many clinicians now hold multistate licenses, making manual tracking inefficient and error prone.

Automated tools such as Mocingbird are increasingly essential for maintaining proper compliance and reducing administrative burdens. This trend reflects a broader move toward digital transformation in health care, driven by the need for efficiency and the growing complexity of compliance requirements in a multistate practice environment.

Read the Providence Business News article here.


About Mocingbird

Mocingbird is a SaaS management platform dedicated to improving medicine and clinician well-being. Our comprehensive solution eliminates the chaos of ongoing credentialing and delivers high-impact Continuing Medical Education (CME). With Mocingbird, individual clinicians gain a convenient one-stop solution to validate, track, document, and calculate their CME requirements for professional license maintenance. Healthcare organizations benefit from a powerful management tool that provides a real-time compliance overview for effective risk mitigation. Founded by Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. George Fernaine, and Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and CEO, Dr. Ian Madom.