A brand-new year is upon us, which means millions of people across the country will be making New Year’s resolutions. Despite the hope for resolutions that they believe will improve the quality of their life, most of these are unattainable and involve drastic change. A great example of this is the common resolution of losing weight. This great aspiration unfortunately requires eliminating some of your favorite foods and making a drastic change like this makes it far more likely for you to quickly give up on your resolution. Studies show that at the end of January less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions and only 8% accomplish them. This year instead of a resolution, set goals. Goals that are specific and actionable. 

For 2022, I challenge you to sit back this new year season, look at the big picture and reflect on the real stressors in your life. Identify actionable goals that will help reduce those stressors to truly improve the quality of your life. For many, the leading stressor in their life is the pressures of their workplace. This is especially true for those in healthcare who have the highest percentage of burnout which comes from long hours, a challenging physical workload, a perception of low support, and relentless pressure. There are many studies that show how work stress and dissatisfaction affect satisfaction in your personal life and burden your relationships. 

Healthcare professionals should set specific goals this year. Such as setting a specific time to log off work, setting aside specific time to do the things you enjoy outside of work, and working with your administrator to implement positive changes in your workday. Small accomplishable goals can have long-lasting success and impact in reducing the stress of your job and making 2022 a more productive, happy, and healthy year for you.

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