COVID has tremendously impacted the healthcare industry, and telehealth has emerged as an essential component being used on a massive scale. 

Although telemedicine has been on the rise for years, its widespread adoption during COVID showed a multitude of pros and cons. According to the CDC, telehealth visits increased by 154% during the last week of March 2020 when compared to the same period in 2019. For some specialties, telemedicine will never be able to replace in-person visits. From our observation, telemedicine has been widely adopted will continue to be utilized for virtual check-ins and follow-ups, which saves a lot of clinic traffic, logistical planning, and wait time. Whether you love or despise telemedicine, it is here to stay.  

This widespread adoption of telehealth put a spotlight on the need for multistate licensed physicians and clinicians. Here are a few commonly asked questions from healthcare professionals regarding multistate licensure: 

What are the benefits of being licensed in multiple states? 

Holding multiple state licenses makes you a more versatile and adaptable physician while having access to more opportunities. It allows you to be exposed to a variety of different medical environments, healthcare systems, and patient populations. Additionally, you can be exposed to a wide range of ideas and practices which can overall enhance you as a physician. Finally, holding multiple state licenses has the potential to have a higher salary or hourly rate. 

Which states would be the best to get an additional license in?

Studies show that being licensed in higher populated states such as California, Florida, Texas and New York are the best states to get supplemental licenses due to the higher patient utilization of telemedicine. 

For many clinicians, the thought of repeating the license renewal process for multiple state licenses is a nightmare. With every state having its own licensure rules and regulations many clinicians think that the headache of holding multiple licenses isn’t worth it. However, Mocingbird makes managing multiple state and board licenses as easy as 1-2-3. Check out Mocingbird’s Best Practices for the Ongoing Credentialing Management Process for Clinicians to read our take on how to streamline the credentialing process. 

Check out to learn more about how Mocingbird can help you maintain your multiple or single state and board licenses, headache-free!

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