Integration of the companies’ API-led platforms will drive systemwide efficiencies for licensure, renewals, and CME requirements

NEW YORK, NY (November 14, 2022) – CertifyOS, the frictionless provider intelligence platform that delivers API-first credentialing, licensing, enrollment, and network monitoring to payors, providers, health systems and digital health companies, and Mocingbird, a cloud-based SaaS CME management platform that empowers clinicians and healthcare organizations to take control of the ongoing medical credentialing and education process, today announced a partnership that will integrate their respective platforms to create streamlined data sharing for clinician licensure and continuing medical education (CME). The assimilation of the two API-led companies will facilitate a single mechanism for new provider licensures, license renewal, and ongoing monitoring of CME requirements, eliminating duplicative data entry and redundant tracking.

“This partnership solves for the systemic data gap between ongoing data management and license requirements,” said CertifyOS CEO Anshul Rathi. “By joining forces, CertifyOS and Mocingbird are creating a comprehensive, streamlined solution for both administrators and clinicians, evolving the credential ecosystem and ensuring all CME requirements for licensures and renewals are addressed at the outset. We’re eliminating delays, payer risks, and ensuring continuity of care provision, which, in turn, maintains access to care for patients.”

Currently, administrators and clinicians must track CME requirements for initial licensure and renewals, which often vary state to state and by provider type. By combining their APIs, CertifyOS and Mocingbird provide their shared customers automated, ongoing monitoring of all licensing needs and timelines, as well as CME requirements and regulations for all 50 states.  

“The lack of communication between key stakeholders and clinicians is a costly, systemic problem, and an acute one,” said Ian Madom, CEO of Mocingbird. “Together, CertifyOS and Mocingbird create a seamless function for administrators and providers alike, with all of the pertinent information at their fingertips to avoid any lapses in renewal, lags in initial licensure, or delays due to outstanding CE completion. This partnership symbolizes the power of data sharing to drive innovation and major improvements to our entire healthcare system.”

Started by former Oscar Health employees, CertifyOS is led by a team with deep expertise in the provider licensing and credentialing processes. The CertifyOS platform was built based on keen insights from its leadership’s combined experiences of credentialing more than 40,000 providers. The company’s data infrastructure provides an unmatched solution to provider data processing, cutting turnaround times from an industry standard of 28 days, to just under two minutes. By transforming the existing licensing and credentialing system, CertifyOS creates a massive cost savings to users—reducing administrative costs by an average of 40 percent. 

Founded by two physicians, Mocingbird assists providers by automating the ongoing credentialing associated with licensing and CME compliance. Mocingbird offers the only comprehensive solution for clinicians to maintain their licenses and credentials by offering the specific education they need to stay compliant. 

Customers of CertifyOS and Mocingbird are already seeing the benefits of the integrated platforms.

"The integration of the CertifyOS and Mocingbird platforms creates a single system that serves all of our licensing needs," said Samantha Addison, Senior Manager of Provider Operations at Thirty Madison, a client of both companies. "Now, we can seamlessly connect our providers with the required CE, and have real-time monitoring of both where providers are licensed and their licensing progress in each state."

About CertifyOS
CertifyOS is a frictionless provider intelligence platform that delivers API-first credentialing, licensing, enrollment, and network monitoring to payors, providers, health systems and digital health companies. We have built a first-of-its-kind platform that unlocks insights for clinicians, teams and organizations, resulting in one-click credentialing and real-time network monitoring. Our end-to-end solution cuts verification time to mere minutes, using only five data points. CertifyOS creates network management efficiencies and removes barriers so providers can focus on care, not paperwork. Our team has more than 25 years of combined experience building provider data systems at Oscar Health, and are backed by top-tier VC firms who share in our mission to unlock the power of healthcare provider intelligence. To learn more, visit

About Mocingbird

Mocingbird is a cloud-based platform that improves medicine and clinician well-being by eliminating the chaos of ongoing credentialing and delivering relevant Continuing Education. For individual clinicians, we develop a one-stop solution to validate, track, document, and calculate the CE requirements for the maintenance of their professional licenses. For healthcare organizations, we provide a management tool that offers a real-time overview of compliance for risk mitigation. Mocingbird is based in Rhode Island and was founded by Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Ian Madom and Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. George Fernaine.