As the month of May and Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, we hope that you spent the last couple of weeks reflecting on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Here are four tips on how to improve your mental health:

  1. Practice self-care such as getting a proper amount of sleep, eating nutritious meals, getting regular exercise, and making time for activities you enjoy.
  2. Release any material, mental, or emotional clutter. Clutter can contribute to stress, low energy, and inability to get things done. Spending time shifting through physical clutter is time-consuming and can be potentially taking time away from other important tasks and self-care routines.
  3. Get outside! Countless studies have proven that nature has a positive effect on your mental health and reduces negative emotions. It can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, confidence, self-esteem and help you make new connections.
  4. Start a gratitude log. Gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions and studies have shown that it has lasting effects on the brain. Research shows that keeping a log of what you are thankful for can lower stress, improve sleep, improve satisfaction,  and can positively alter your perception of life. 

We all live very busy lives that we sometimes forget to check up on ourselves and those we care about. Remember, mental health is just as important as physical health. Share this article with a friend to remind them to do a mental health check. 

Mental health is very serious, if these tips are not enough please seek the help of a trustworthy friend, family member, doctor, mentor, or counselor.