Katie Spiess - a busy certified nurse midwife from Connecticut says Mocingbird has been a gamechanger for her.

"Mocingbird is a new platform that helps me manage my professional credentialing and continuing education needs," said Spiess. 

As an advanced practice provider, Spiess has to maintain multiple licenses and certifications, all with varied CME requirements.

"Before Mocingbird, it was very easy for some of those requirements to fall through the cracks and I spent hours checking and re-checking to assure myself that I hadn't overlooked any requirements," Spiess said. "But, Mocingbird has made my life so much easier. It keeps track of my license renewals, my certification cycle, my CME progress, and even all of me re-credentialing documents in one place."

Spiess said she gets reminders about upcoming deadlines and even can access topical CME right within the app.

"That means I can keep up to date on my CMEs between cases or even on my commute to work. Mocingbird has allowed me to manage my professional credentials and my continuing education while focusing on the thing that matters most to me - which is doing the best for my patients."

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