The Learning Center

Our new learning center is here! Finding courses to fulfill your CME requirements has never been easier with our new integrated system. With hundreds of courses to choose from, you can easily find and fulfill CME requirements pertaining to your specific State license or Board requirements. 

While in the learning center, you can quickly search for keywords and categories that relate to your requirements. Just click on either the “Browse Courses” or “Course Catalog” tab to get started. Here you can filter by credit types, category (specialty and medical degree), format, price, and registration status. 

By clicking on the course card, you can see the overview of the course, the faculty, and the accreditation. The overview provides you with important information including a course summary, program overview, learning objectives, and more, which can help you decide which courses are the best fit. 

To take a course, you can click on the “take course” button, which will lead you directly to the website where the course is offered. You must have an account with the provider in order to complete the activity.  For example, to complete a course offered through Rockpointe Corporation, you must have an account with them on their website. Mocingbird is continuing to work with our CME partner to provide courses directly to you - we greatly appreciate your patience as we work toward that goal. 

Not only can you search for courses, but you can also view all of your pending activities. You can even bookmark courses you’re thinking of taking.  Additionally, you can download a transcript of all of your completed courses right through our platform. 

Once you’ve completed an activity, you can upload your certificate to our platform or you can email it to Our virtual assistant will upload and update your Mocingbird profile. 

With so many options and easy access to CME courses, it becomes so much more manageable to stay on top of board certifications and state license requirements. This, in turn, allows you to customize CME when and how you want it. We are here to support you, whether you simply want to check off a requirement from your upcoming license renewal or you are looking for CME content to gain advanced knowledge in your field or practice. Check back soon, as we are currently adding new content and courses!

To view courses relating to your specific state license requirements or board requirements, sign into your Mocingbird profile and head over to the learning center.

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