(MARCH 5, 2020) — Rhode Island-based MyMOC is thrilled to announce it has launched an app for Mocingbird - a platform that allows medical professionals and administrators to easily manage ongoing education requirements needed to maintain their credentials. 

In order to treat patients and keep their credentials current, clinicians spend untold hours each year struggling to manage the inconsistent and ever-changing Maintenance of Certification and Continuing Medical Education requirements. 

Now, with Mocingbird’s free app, medical professionals are able to harness the power of Mocingbird by tracking their MOC and CME progress right on their phone or mobile device. Among the functions, users - after finishing a course - will be able to take a photo of their completion certificate and upload it right into the app. In addition, the app serves as an aggregator for online CME courses, allowing clinicians to take courses right in the app.

“By allowing them to make the most of their time, our app is a game-changer for busy doctors like myself who are looking to simplify this necessary, but convoluted process,” said Dr. Ian Madom, a spine surgeon at Ortho Rhode Island and MyMOC co-founder. “Doctors with just 10 or 15 minutes to spare can search for bite-sized CME courses, answer a question or two, and knock out some of their requirements while on the go.”

Mocingbird is overseen by MyMOC, Inc., which was founded by Dr. Madom, and Dr. George Fernaine, chief of cardiology at NYU Brooklyn. They came up with the idea while working toward their MBAs at Yale University’s School of Management.

“We’re thrilled to be offering a new tool to members of the healthcare industry,” said Mocingbird CEO Brad Artery. “Clinician burnout is a very real thing. Tools like our Mocingbird app will help doctors and other clinicians add a little balance back to their lives.”

The Mocingbird app is available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

About Mocingbird

Founded by busy doctors, it is Mocingbird’s mission to create the easiest place for medical professionals to monitor their MOC and CME requirements. For individual professionals, we develop frictionless solutions to understand, track, document, and submit the education requirements for the maintenance of their professional licenses. For medical institutions, we provide meaningful tools to manage a growing medical professional workforce by enabling more efficient uses of resources and more targeted educational opportunities through data-driven professional education oversight and analytics.