Dr. George Fernaine is an interventional cardiologist in New York. Not only is he the co-founder of Mocingbird, but he's also a user of the platform.

Fernaine said the platform has already saved him time and kept him compliant.

"Just this year, it saved me from be non-compliant with my ACLS and BLS, as well as saved me hours with my hospital's re-credentialling process," Fernaine said. "Once you onboard to this platform, not only will it track all of your requirements for various boards, state licenses, ACLS and BLS, it will also keep track of all of your CME requirements and even point you in the right direction to all of the CME content you want to take."

Fernaine founded Mocingbird with fellow physician, Dr. Ian Madom.

"In the end, we as physicians wanted to give something back to the healthcare community, to help our colleagues save a little time, so we can use that time for whatever purpose we want - whether that be patient care or just spending time with our family," Fernaine said.

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