Navigating the CME Maze: A Comprehensive Guide for Medical Professionals and Administrators

Identifying, Accessing, and Maximizing Best-in-Class CME Content Providers to Streamline Ongoing Education and Compliance

It’s essential that medical administrators tasked with managing CME requirements and clinician licensing requirements avoid what in tennis are referred to as “unforced errors,” i.e., mistakes that could be avoided with careful thought and planning. See the top five worst practices including:

  • Learn How to Identify the Best CME Content Available
  • Review the  Quality CME Checklist
  • Explore the Profiles of Eight Leading CME Providers

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A streamlined CME compliance management experience for all.

Reduce risk, be in control

Take the guesswork out. Gain transparency into knowing your team's CME/CEU progress anytime, anywhere.

Increase productivity

Reduce time spent chasing documentations, tracking progress, or even lost clinic time or rescheduling of work due to noncompiliance.

Expand patient care

Invest in your team to grow and expand their skills to focus on delivering better patient care. They can now acquire more licenses and skills without the extra administrative burden.


"Better educated clinicians with more time to focus absolutely benefits the patient."
Dr. Bernard Rosof, CEO, Quality HealthCare Advisory Group

Full transparency of your team's CME/CEU tracking.

The ‘Team Dashboard’ provides you an at-a-glance view of all your team's ongoing licensing requirements and compliance statuses.

Send instant notifications to individual clinicians with the click of a button.


Streamlined and secured data - accessible anywhere, anytime.

No more chasing. Be in control.

Our secured, cloud-based platform allows you to sync all of your team's CME/CEU professional information and documentation digitally across locations.


Focus your team's time on delivering patient care.

Let us worry about providing the best education to your team. Our ‘Learning Center’ offers a curated selection of high quality CMEs/CEUs from accredited providers.