It’s no secret that becoming a doctor takes years of schooling and training. However, even after becoming a licensed medical professional, the education and certification process never ends. Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) are often complicated and expensive processes requiring medical professionals to take valuable time away from patients in order to stay licensed and certified. In fact, according to Practical Neurology, MOC requirements are a major culprit of physician burnout. The Mocingbird platform is looking to simplify the process, allowing doctors to focus on what matters most - the patient.

Mocingbird is one site with one purpose - to manage ongoing education requirements for healthcare providers seeking to update and maintain their credentials. The system allows doctors or administrators to track and store MOCs, CMEs, and state licenses in its secure vault, ensuring they stay up-to-date and compliant.

The platform is overseen by MyMOC, Inc., which was founded by Dr. Ian Madom, an orthopedic spine surgeon, and Dr. George Fernaine, chief of cardiology at NYU Brooklyn. They came up with the idea while working toward their MBAs at Yale University’s School of Management.

“We realized that we can change healthcare more effectively through entrepreneurship rather than working within the system,” Madom said. “Mocingbird is a game changer for busy physicians looking to simplify this necessary, but convoluted process.”

“Not only are we doctors, we’re also parents and entrepreneurs,” said Fernaine. “We knew there had to be a better way to keep certifications up-to-date while also maintaining a balance between our professional and personal lives.”

About Mocingbird
Founded by busy doctors, it is Mocingbird’s mission to create the easiest place for medical professionals to monitor their MOC and CME requirements. For individual professionals, we develop frictionless solutions to understand, track, document, and submit the education requirements for the maintenance of their professional licenses. For medical institutions, we provide meaningful tools to manage a growing medical professional workforce by enabling more efficient uses of resources and more targeted educational opportunities through data-driven professional education oversight and analytics.