NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (September 21, 2021) — Mocingbird - a cloud-based SaaS platform that allows healthcare professionals, clinicians, and administrators to track and manage ongoing licensing requirements with ease - is now offering innovations for CME consumption within its platform. A new partnership with CME provider Southern Medical Association will result in a more holistic solution for busy clinicians.

In order to keep licenses and certifications current and compliant, clinicians need to fulfill various continuing medical education (CME) requirements throughout the course of their entire career. This ongoing licensing process - necessary for each and every license or certification a clinician holds - consists of varying deadlines, regulations, and course requirements. The process, in the past, has been unwieldy and time-consuming for clinicians to effectively manage while also caring for patients.

Southern Medical Association is an accredited CME organization with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). SMA is on a mission to provide innovative solutions to consume high-quality content while fostering a co-learning experience among clinicians.  Together, Mocingbird and its partner create a fully integrated CME experience for clinicians where they can track, manage and consume high-quality CME all in one platform. With SMA, all CME consumed would be automatically tracked and managed within Mocingbird. Clinicians can also use Mocingbird to find out exactly what requirement is due by when and then utilize the Learning Center to consume CME that’s required.

"We are super excited about our partnership with Mocingbird,” said Randy Glick, Executive Director at Southern Medical Association. “Our accreditation team and our physician members have discussed the need for a platform like this for a very long time. It makes the Maintenance of Certification process a lot easier AND aggregates CME content all in one place. We're proud to be partners." 

With limited live events and conferences, CME consumption has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. In addition, research shows clinicians’ free time is scarce and segmented throughout the day, making it difficult to find big chunks of time to consume CME. With SMA, Mocingbird provides CME in a variety of formats and lengths - allowing the clinician to consume CME on their terms anywhere, anytime.

Mocingbird was founded by two practicing physicians who are concerned about clinician burnout and the role the daunting, yet necessary ongoing licensing process contributes to it.

"CME shouldn’t be hard. Mocingbird and a CME partner like Southern Medical Association are helping to give control back to clinicians and administrators,” said Mocingbird Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Ian Madom. 

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About Mocingbird

Mocingbird is a cloud-based platform that improves medicine and clinician well-being by eliminating the chaos of ongoing credentialing and delivering high-impact Continuing Medical Education. For individual clinicians, we develop a one-stop solution to validate, track, document, and calculate the CME requirements for the maintenance of their professional licenses. For healthcare organizations, we provide a management tool that offers a real-time overview of compliance for risk mitigation. Mocingbird is based in Rhode Island and founded by Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Ian Madom and Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. George Fernaine.

About Southern Medical Association

SMA’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care through multi-specialty interprofessional education. SMA was founded under these principles: relevance - to the medical community; collaboration - foster relationships with entities and organizations with similar and complementary missions and memberships; engage academia - focus on supporting medical schools, residency programs, academic medical centers, and health systems; youth strategy - acknowledges the importance, special needs, and concerns of medical students, residents, young physicians, and health care providers. To support their growth, and invest in their future health care careers.